“I’ve known Tym for a very long time both as a student and as a fellow teacher. He has always approached teaching assignments with thought, empathy and preparation. With this process, he maintains responsiveness to the varying needs of his students in order to achieve the best results. Tym utilized this same process initially as a student of mine, then naturally carried it forward into his teaching career. His goals are well defined and measurable, which afford him the luxury of providing praise or feedback based on results. He is a true professional.

As a mentor for student growth, I have often observed him take extra time to find that magic series of words in order to help clarify for those who may not grasp content when first presented. He knows how to plan and set his agenda to fit within timelines, and I have never known him to miss critical deadlines in the eight years we have taught together.

Tym would be a great addition to any organization, and I recommend him without hesitation.”

— Scott P.
— Owner / GM