I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some really talented folks that appreciated what I brought to their table.  Here’s a glimpse of some of their musings.  

Amber W: Analyst I – Quality & Excellence
Tym is someone that is reliable and will step in to help resolve a need without significant notice, he steps up as a leader and will take charge whenever needed. As a trainer, he is personable with his classes, he ensures they understand the content he is delivering as well as the how they use it in practice. He sets clear expectations with his classes and keeps the classroom environment challenging and fun. Tym is someone who is not afraid to share a new way to approach something, he is constantly sharing ways to evolve our processes. He is a leader who sets high expectations for himself and shares those expectations with those around him to keep him accountable, not that he has any problems doing that.

While Tym and I have known each other professionally for over 5 years, we have also become good friends. As a friend, I notice many of the same qualities in Tym. He is reliable, someone you can share anything with and know it is safe. He is passionate about things he cares about. He had worked with the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps after marching, because he is a leader in the organization and the staff knew they could rely on him to continue to help evolve their Corps. He is innovative, if you are trying to work through a situation, he asks questions to allow you a different perspective.

Tym is someone I am so fortunate to have met when I relocated to Iowa. He is a hard-worker, a friendly face, a fresh idea, and has tremendous integrity. He is a co-worker and friend I will always cherish.

 Jeff T: Writer II – Marketing / Advertising

I had the pleasure of working closely with Tym as his assistant trainer for a little over a year. We taught classes of new hires about our products and GoDaddy culture and values. Even though I have a background in teaching and classroom management, I learned a lot from Tym’s calm under pressure and no-nonsense approach to problems.

He’s able to grab the attention of a full room and keep it even when the material is complex. That’s no easy task. His sales technique was fantastic and he had a way of making complex technical subjects accessible for all. Our training curriculum was dense and fast-paced, but Tym was great at keeping the intensity level up without rushing or creating overwhelming tension.

Even after I moved to a new department, I relied on Tym to keep me up to date with new developments and connect me to folks in other parts of the organization. He’s one of those guys that seems to know just about everyone. It was always a genuine pleasure to chat with him and I still miss working with him after 3 years. On top of everything else, Tym’s authentically down-to-earth and fun to hang out with in downtime. He’s got a crazy story for everything





Tommy K: Training & Communications Manager
Tym was a talented asset to have on the Professional Development team. He was reliable, trustworthy and a friend to everyone. He had a knack for capturing and maintaining the attention of his audience. He took pleasure in making people feel welcome in the classroom while being engaging, even through the most technical aspects of the training material.

Brandon B: Sales Executive – CCR 
I am beyond pleased and honored to write this letter of recommendation for Tym. 

I originally met Tym a few years back when I began working at GoDaddy. He was my head trainer for the first month of my tenure, then after my initial training I was able to work alongside him as my mentor, and now I consider him a personal friend. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tym from day one. I can say because of him, I experienced great success during my time with GoDaddy. 

Tym was the one who initially inspired and motivated me, even though I was skeptical of my new position. He was very committed to me and everyone’s success. I know Tym has great leadership qualities which make him a valuable asset to any organization or position that he strives for. In addition to his professional qualifications, Tym has personal qualities that make him a great leader, coworker and friend. 

Not only is he fun, friendly and professional but he provides a great energy that inspires others around him. I confidently recommend Tym for any organization. Feel free to contact me at 319-538-3572 if you would like to discuss my recommendation further.

Scott P:  CEO/Owner – Fastlane CPU, LLC.
I’ve known Tym for a very long time both as a student and as a fellow teacher. He has always approached teaching assignments with thought, empathy and preparation. With this process, he maintains responsiveness to the varying needs of his students in order to achieve the best results. 

Tym utilized this same process initially as a student of mine, then naturally carried it forward into his teaching career. His goals are well defined and measurable, which afford him the luxury of providing praise or feedback based on results. He is a true professional.

As a mentor for student growth, I have often observed him take extra time to find that “magic series of words in order to help clarify for those who may not grasp content when first presented. He knows how to plan and set his agenda to fit within timelines, and I have never known him to miss critical deadlines in the eight years we have taught together.

Tym would be a great addition to any organization, and I recommend him without hesitation.