While I am an advocate of education, I did not take the “typical” road of getting my degree by starting out right after high school. I did go for 1 year after graduation, then started teaching drums and earning a living. After a few years of this, I received my Associate’s degree but did not think it was enough.

Once married and having started a family, I realized I wanted to continue my education and earn a bachelors degree. I wanted my children to understand the value of an education, the satisfaction of working toward and earning something that takes time and effort, and that it is never too late to learn.

My wife and I were both working full time and raising our two young children, so I had to get creative with reaching my goal. I did some research and found that Upper Iowa University provided the best opportunity for me to succeed. UIU is one of the first universities that allow students to get a full degree online, so I jumped at the chance to see if I had the dedication and determination.

I finished my schooling by taking the 1st year with both in-class and online courses, then the last year and a half completely online. UIU helped me better understand time-management and committing to something worthwhile, even during challenging times. I am grateful for the opportunity to have earned my degree this way, and proud knowing it is with distinction.

**School mascot – Pete the Peacock!