“I had the pleasure of working closely with Tym as his assistant trainer for a little over a year. We taught classes of new hires about our products and GoDaddy culture and values. Even though I have a background in teaching and classroom management, I learned a lot from Tym’s calm under pressure and no-nonsense approach to problems.

He’s able to grab the attention of a full room and keep it even when the material is complex. That’s no easy task. His sales technique was fantastic and he had a way of making complex technical subjects accessible for all. Our training curriculum was dense and fast-paced, but Tym was great at keeping the intensity level up without rushing or creating overwhelming tension.

Even after I moved to a new department, I relied on Tym to keep me up to date with new developments and connect me to folks in other parts of the organization. He’s one of those guys that seems to know just about everyone. It was always a genuine pleasure to chat with him and I still miss working with him after 3 years. On top of everything else, Tym’s authentically down-to-earth and fun to hang out with in downtime. He’s got a crazy story for everything.”

— Jeff T.
— Writer II : Marketing / Advertising