“I am beyond pleased and honored to write this letter of recommendation for Tym. I originally met Tym a few years back when I began working at GoDaddy. He was my head trainer for the first month of my tenure, then after my initial training I was able to work alongside him as my mentor, and now I consider him a personal friend.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tym from day one. I can say because of him, I experienced great success during my time with GoDaddy. Tym was the one who initially inspired and motivated me, even though I was skeptical of my new position. He was very committed to me and everyone’s success.

I know Tym has great leadership qualities which make him a valuable asset to any organization or position that he strives for. In addition to his professional qualifications, Tym has personal qualities that make him a great leader, coworker and friend. Not only is he fun, friendly and professional but he provides a great energy that inspires others around him.

I confidently recommend Tym for any organization. Feel free to contact me at 319-538-3572 if you would like to discuss my recommendation further.”

— Brandon B.
— Business Development