“Tym is someone that is reliable and will step in to help resolve a need without significant notice, he steps up as a leader and will take charge whenever needed. As a trainer, he is personable with his classes, he ensures they understand the content he is delivering as well as the how they use it in practice. He sets clear expectations with his classes and keeps the classroom environment challenging and fun. Tym is someone who is not afraid to share a new way to approach something, he is constantly sharing ways to evolve our processes. He is a leader who sets high expectations for himself and shares those expectations with those around him to keep him accountable, not that he has any problems doing that.

While, Tym and I have known each other professionally for over 5 years, we have also become good friends. As a friend, I notice many of the same qualities in Tym. He is reliable, someone you can share anything with and know it is safe. He is passionate about things he cares about. He had worked with the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps after marching, because he is a leader in the organization and the staff knew they could rely on him to continue to help evolve their Corps. He is innovative, if you are trying to work through a situation, he asks questions to allow you a different perspective.

Tym is someone I am so fortunate to have met when I relocated to Iowa. He is a hard-worker, a friendly face, a fresh idea, and has tremendous integrity. He is a co-worker and friend I will always cherish.”

Amber W.
— Analyst I : Quality & Excellence